Natasha – The Delightful Psychick

She’s tall with dark curly hair and dark black liner surrounding her eyes. She wears purple, blue, red and turquoise with a chain of gold coins dangling from her waist. Her large feathered flat aqua hat with feathers trailing longer down one side frames her face with aqua feathers.

Her gaudy necklace and earring were perfect. Her skirt was a miasma of red, oranges and a sprinkle of yellow. Shoes? Must have been sandals, but to tell the truth, I didn’t notice because her voice did not fit her.  She’s had generations of gypsy DNA that added to her expertise and credibility.

Natasha – I don’t remember her shoes or what my palm told her. I do remember she was delightful.

Yes, I do know how to spell psychic, but psychick looks like fun.

Sarina Rose, Romance Writer

The Relentless Brit

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