In My Opinion – May 5th

OP dragon fight!May 5th is the anniversary of V.E. Day. Victory in Europe Day marking the end of  World War II in Europe where thousands of U.S. men and women died fighting relentlessly against Hitler and his Nazi war machine.

January 27th was the Seventieth Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. A train of 1000 teenagers recently traveled to Auschwitz to honor the dead. Visitors go Auschwitz because it is one of the death camps that remains close to what it looked like in 1945. It continues to be a reminder of a government program to exterminate the unwanted: Jews, Catholics, the disabled etc. Such a program is called genocide.

Let’s celebrate everyone who lost their lives in World War II and thank God we were able to vanquish the Nazis. Read, learn and tell others about World  War II and Nazi Germany. We must be vigilant because genocide lives happily in the world of today

OP dragon fight!We fought the Nazi dragon at the cost of thousands of lives and we won the battle, but the dragon of genocide continues. How will you fight the dragon?

Sarina Rose, author of the historical romance The Relentless Brit

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