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What a great idea the Wascinski family is. I think it was my family. And the grandson is precious. My big labradoole who is the same age as you grandson does the same thing. Who Knew


This is my first blog, though years ago I did something very similar via email, subjecting all of my email contacts to weekly ranting and ravings, cynical views and lots and lots of self-deprecation.  This blog will be my observations on day-to-day life happenings that I feel compelled to share, for some psychologically needy reason, with others. I can find humor in just about everything, including things that really shouldn’t be funny at all. I think that writing about funny things forces me to look for the humor in otherwise humorless situations, and that can’t be a bad thing, right? When our kids were young and they would overhear my husband Jim and I talking about something they shouldn’t be hearing, they would ask who or what we were talking about, and we would always say we were talking about the Wascinskis.

The Wascinskis were a totally manufactured family, the…

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