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A Good Place to Mingle with Authors and Readers

Honestly, I love to mingle with other authors and lots of readers. Goodreads.com is a place I often go to find books and authors I would like to read. I keep a bookshelf of ‘want to read titles’. Today I have over two hundred, but I have noticed some other readers have over a thousand. Whew! What about you? Do you have a stash of ‘want to read’ books?  Are they on a real, live bookshelf or a virtual one?

Goodreads.com is a great site for readers and authors to mingle and share ideas and words. If you are not yet a  member it is a good time to join and enter the giveaway contests posted by many different authors.

It is also a good time to join and enter discussion groups about books. Both readers and writers mingle here for fun and information.

I have a book Giveaway going on now. Just click this link to enter. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/181995-the-relentless-brit-the-relentless-series-book-one.

My books can be found on Amazon.com and I would be ever grateful if you would review one or both of my  books at:

The Relentless Italianhttp://amzn.to/1JhO7PG

The Relentless Brithttp://amzn.to/1T8Xphm

Thank you.

Sarina Rose,

Photo: Lynda Engler, author April 5 at 12:01pm · Burlington, NC, United States · Find Lynda on Facebook.com

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