I Hid Under the Bathroom Sink

May the victims rest in peace, may the survivors live inrainbow roses b brilliance

Dear Friends,

Some thoughts on the Pulse shooting.

The biggest message in Florida today is love and support for the families and friends of the victims at PULSE and the LGBT community.

Today I heard a victim report on his experience. “I hid under the bathroom sink.” It wasn’t the best protection, but the best he could do, he said. He is still in the hospital dealing with his physical and mental issues. His name is Angel. His mother went to  Orlando from Philadelphia. She is torn between him and her family in Philly. She said she will leave her heart “here.” I  wonder where his heart will lead him. Will the trauma lead him to become afraid to live his true self in public? As a straight female, I cannot imagine

What I take away from the news reports is the love is love without reference to gender preference. Regardless of sexual orientation, it appears the Orlando community along with the LGBT community is immersed in loving the victims and the survivors.

I do not write. but do read LGBT novels. The LGBT authors, the ones that I have read, depict love between same sex partners. Love that is romantic, deep and lasting. That love includes permanent heartfelt relationships with strong ties  in which the authors write the other side of the story that is prejudice and hate. Although the stories that I read are fiction, I believe they represent a true picture.

Let us not forget the shooter displayed a pattern of bizarre behavior since childhood. He was suspended from high school for 48 days. Did mental health workers reach out? Was he offered help and refused? Did not his parents wonder? Maybe there was no way he could be helped. So here comes the questions about the need in the United States for legal intervention.

Visit my website for a list of LGBT authors.

Sarina Rose





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