A Gift from The Relentless Italian

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I would love you to enjoy Sophie part of  Chapter I. It is not the first time Sophie and Tony notice each other, but is the beginning of their relationship.

Chapter I –  Meeting Tony

The chimes of the doorbell broke the silence. I lifted to my arms the black yapping Cocker Spaniel running circles at my feet. “I’ll get it,” I called to my friend, Rosemary. It was not my house, but Rosemary was making the coffee for our study group. I looked out the leaded glass side panel of the door and held my breath. The relentless Italian from our senior class stood there in his black leather jacket. He leaned against the porch column. The very same relentless Italian who haunted my dreams and sent shivers to my liver with a glance at me. “Tony,” I said in a loud whisper. “What are you doing here? Are you following me?” I wished aloud imagining he would. “You would like, Sophie? Could I do for you? I would follow you, but I have business to settle in Italy first. Then I will follow you wherever you like, and you will fall in love with me.” He smiled and his blue eyes twinkled. This man excites me. He instigates sensual feelings deep inside me I do not often experience. The pit of my insides ignites into a fire not even an ocean cannot quench. His persistence is uncanny. However, his living on two continents is risky for a relationship. Business in Italy? What kind of business could it possibly be? He’s a college senior. I had a plan and he was not in my plan. I had veterinary school at Cornell in Ithaca, New York ahead of me. I had planned that since junior high school. I had been accepted. As determined as I was to become a veterinarian, Tony Andriosi surfaced as an enormous distraction. His sexy, almost shy smile, his gorgeous ocean blue eyes, his halfhearted pursuit fascinated me. Something about him attracted me. Did he always play hard to get and tease women with his come-hither eyes? I imagined doing naughty things with Tony Andriosi. However, I would never. My Catholic teachings prohibited sex before marriage and I was a staunch defender of that rule. I had made it part of my life. My faith would have been in trouble without my commitment and resolve. A sexual relationship was out of the question. Apparently, I was not in Tony’s plan either. He would return to Italy. He would be an ocean and a continent away. However, his eyes told me otherwise. They told me his plans were about to change. They told me he imagined us together, very close together, close enough to touch.

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