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dsc_2344It’s already the middle of January. Winter is old for some inhabitants of Earth in the Northern Hemisphere.  Summer is in full swing in the Southern. Long days and short nights in the Antartic, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Chile.  Long nights and short days in Alaska, Sweeden, Norway, Denmark, Finnland and northern Canada and Russia.

Have you started working on your New Year’s Resolutions? I, for one, am still in the process of making them. I have to be honest I really do hate resolutions and goals.I never quite finish writing them down or starting them. However, this year because we had to join a gym, I have started getting my body into better shape. Walking the dog a quarter of a mile a date doesn’t make it. I am stiff and tired. So, I started yoga and Zumba classes. 

After classes, I am hungry and tired. If I sit down, I am liable to fall asleep.If I eat, I am liable to gain back the few ounces I lost in class. Not only that, but the dog is often lazy and doesn’t want to do the quarter mile. Never mind going further. 

                                                                Sarina and Furry Kids

              Me smiling and my two dogs. It’s the big one who gets lazy. Who knew?

I live in a subtropical zone which makes me smile most every day. The climate is perfect. The cold fronts from the north have not bothered me much, just a few cold nights. The beach is fabulous even if the ocean is cold. To top it off the sunshine is extraordinary. So I smile every day.

me-at-universal This is me with my cute hat at Jetty Pier with a smile.

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