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A Good Place to Mingle with Authors and Readers

Honestly, I love to mingle with other authors and lots of readers. Goodreads.com is a place I often go to find books and authors I would like to read. I keep a bookshelf of ‘want to read titles’. Today I have over two hundred, but I have noticed some other readers have over a thousand. Whew! What about you? Do you have a stash of ‘want to read’ books?  Are they on a real, live bookshelf or a virtual one?

Goodreads.com is a great site for readers and authors to mingle and share ideas and words. If you are not yet a  member it is a good time to join and enter the giveaway contests posted by many different authors.

It is also a good time to join and enter discussion groups about books. Both readers and writers mingle here for fun and information.

I have a book Giveaway going on now. Just click this link to enter. https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/181995-the-relentless-brit-the-relentless-series-book-one.

My books can be found on Amazon.com and I would be ever grateful if you would review one or both of my  books at:

The Relentless Italianhttp://amzn.to/1JhO7PG

The Relentless Brithttp://amzn.to/1T8Xphm

Thank you.

Sarina Rose,

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Hi there and Welcome to the very first post on my new site.

My name is Sarina Rose and I am a writer. My favorite genre at the moment is Historical Romance of Mid-20th Century. I  am guessing for most of you that would be the era of your grandparents or great grandparents. Maybe it is the era of your parents. You may meet them in my books if they had chosen a different life path. In any event you will have the opportunity to travel back in place and time. My books are time machines that take you on a journey to other continents and countries.