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Good Sunday morning. Looking for a good romance of spies, espionage, and romance?

The Relentless Brit is for you.

“Sarina Rose had woven a beautiful tale of self-sacrifice and triumph with a focus on the unspoken portion of World War II that helped the Allies win. Espionage made the difference in many instances between life and death…. Images of stoic, brave individuals come to mind when you think of the young men and women who dedicated so much to this war….Maire collapsing on several occasions took away from her strength and bravery….
That being said, this was a great read with an air of respect and pride for all that served.” –
Amy Willis, InD’tal Magazine

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Loving Nick is a story of second chance love during the Vietnam War. Nick falls in love with Karen at first sight at college. She is different from the women he usually dates. She wears business suits, just a hint of make-up, and doesn’t smoke. Karen loved Nick’s raw edges and his wild spirit. They become partners in a secret messenger operation delivering information about the war to other government operatives. They married right after graduation against her parents’ wishes. She was eager to marry him, but on their honeymoon, she had second thoughts. She wondered aloud if they had made a mistake being so young. Nick is confident they had not. She secured employment with a magazine to begin a career. Nick volunteered for Vietnam without discussing it with Karen. Hurt feelings and difficult times follow.

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Chic Lit Cafe Review

The Relentless American by Sarina Rose

Alt="The Relentless American"The Relentless American by Sarina Rose


The Relentless American is the story of Hannah, Daniel, and Sal. In some way or another, all three are victims of the Vietnam War. Will the wounds they suffer hinder a chance for Romance?

Chick Lit Cafe’s Review:

Insightful, Meaningful & Intriguing!

Love during the time of war.
The Vietnam age is creatively brought to life in this wonderful story written by Sarina Rose. With that era being full of anxiety, fear, wrongdoing and disaster, our author captures the essence of the life experience for many during that time.

The main character Hannah O’Brian, is a zealous anti-war advocate and protester. After college, she receives a marriage proposal from her friend Daniel MacIntyre, who is in the military reserve forces. When Hannah declines Daniel’s proposal, he walks away and enlists to serve in the army in a hospital in Japan. But instead, he finds himself in Vietnam amongst the heavy fire.

The main plot surrounds around the life of Hannah and the love that she has for the two men in her life, Daniel and Sal. As their lives become entwined, due to the war, readers will be turning the pages quickly and hungrily, seeking to find out what will happen next.
Hannah does have a slight air of entitlement and she is a bit spoiled. She can be somewhat unkind. But as she grows and matures, she becomes a well-loved character in the story. Readers will enjoy seeing her as she grows more mature and understanding. I loved the way Sarina Rose developed the character Hannah. She is a very realistic character. The reader will enjoy her, and the changes she goes through along the way, as the story progresses.

All of the main characters are very attractive and appealing in their personalities and actions.
Together, and individually, they each must face difficulties and make choices that are extremely hard to decide upon. The emotions in this novel run extremely high as we follow along with the lives of the characters and the sensational plot. Readers will find themselves experiencing, perhaps the familiar, feelings of loss, desire, love and hope.

Set in the early 70’s, during the Vietnam War, older readers will be moved by this story as they recall the events and memories of that time. For younger readers, not only will they get a very interesting history lesson, but they will be thrilled by the storyline and the satisfying ending.

This the first book that I have read by Sarina Rose, and it won’t be the last.
I found her writing to be very insightful and delightful. She has a unique experienced way of pulling the plot together and weaving the characters within.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this wonderful period piece of realistic and outstanding fiction.

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The Relentless American Giveaway + Excerpt

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“No more blood!” the crowd chanted. It was June 1970. The television news cameras focused on unnamed faces. I held my peace sign poster high as I led a long line of war protestors east on New York City’s Central Park South. I glanced at the New York City Police Department keeping the peace, keeping us away from the two senators about to arrive for dinner at the landmark Plaza Hotel. We were sure their agenda focused on Vietnam, and we wanted to influence them to stop the bombings. We wanted them to influence Congress, the president, and Henry Kissinger who was at the peace talks in Paris.

“Will we make a difference today?” I asked my friend, Daniel MacIntyre, who had appeared at my side, but I was looking at Officer Sal Mendoza. He caught my eye.      He was one good-looking cop.

“Do you know Officer Mendoza?” I asked Daniel.

“I spoke to him at the last protest. Be careful with your attention, Hannah. He’s married.”

“Right. Thanks for the heads-up.”

Vietnam’s civil war had splintered the United States. The war divided families, friends, and classmates on its own tiny peninsula in Southeast Asia as well as in North America. It affected the military men and women as well as their civilian families. It took a heavy toll. The Vietnam War was a mammoth, frightening ogre who roared and raged over the United States. It had engaged most Americans, be they in favor or opposed. The ogre didn’t threaten the U.S. mainland or any of its territories, while it continued to endanger U.S. lives.The president continued to send troops to battle the communists.

Things were going smoothly at the protest until someone bumped me and I fell to my knees. I looked up. Officer Mendoza glanced at me. When Daniel reached down to help me, a woman tripped over him and smashed a bottle of thick red liquid on the pavement. She shouted, “No more U.S. blood!” Other voices joined hers. Soon, the chant reverberated throughout the circular drive in front of The Plaza. “No more blood! No more blood!”

A scuffle broke out as the police arrested the woman. One man tried to pull her away from an officer. Another officer grabbed the man’s arm, and both slipped on the slimy pavement. I tried to help, but someone stopped me. I turned and looked into the black opal eyes of Officer Mendoza. He marched me to the police van parked on the other side of the barricade. Another officer brought Daniel.

“They think I planned this, Daniel. Say something,” I called to him.

“You want me to say something? How about you? Go on. Speak up for yourself.”

“You’re the guy who has connections at the precinct.”

“And you’re the girl who wants to be an independent woman.”

“Later,” Mendoza snapped as he looked at me and led me van.

Daniel sat next to me. His knee leaned against mine. His shoulder followed. I knew Daniel. I knew his political and personal views on everything from high school curricula to marriage and raising children.

Sarina Rose
The  Relentless Brit
The Relentless Italian



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A Gift from The Relentless Italian

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I would love you to enjoy Sophie part of  Chapter I. It is not the first time Sophie and Tony notice each other, but is the beginning of their relationship.

Chapter I –  Meeting Tony

The chimes of the doorbell broke the silence. I lifted to my arms the black yapping Cocker Spaniel running circles at my feet. “I’ll get it,” I called to my friend, Rosemary. It was not my house, but Rosemary was making the coffee for our study group. I looked out the leaded glass side panel of the door and held my breath. The relentless Italian from our senior class stood there in his black leather jacket. He leaned against the porch column. The very same relentless Italian who haunted my dreams and sent shivers to my liver with a glance at me. “Tony,” I said in a loud whisper. “What are you doing here? Are you following me?” I wished aloud imagining he would. “You would like, Sophie? Could I do for you? I would follow you, but I have business to settle in Italy first. Then I will follow you wherever you like, and you will fall in love with me.” He smiled and his blue eyes twinkled. This man excites me. He instigates sensual feelings deep inside me I do not often experience. The pit of my insides ignites into a fire not even an ocean cannot quench. His persistence is uncanny. However, his living on two continents is risky for a relationship. Business in Italy? What kind of business could it possibly be? He’s a college senior. I had a plan and he was not in my plan. I had veterinary school at Cornell in Ithaca, New York ahead of me. I had planned that since junior high school. I had been accepted. As determined as I was to become a veterinarian, Tony Andriosi surfaced as an enormous distraction. His sexy, almost shy smile, his gorgeous ocean blue eyes, his halfhearted pursuit fascinated me. Something about him attracted me. Did he always play hard to get and tease women with his come-hither eyes? I imagined doing naughty things with Tony Andriosi. However, I would never. My Catholic teachings prohibited sex before marriage and I was a staunch defender of that rule. I had made it part of my life. My faith would have been in trouble without my commitment and resolve. A sexual relationship was out of the question. Apparently, I was not in Tony’s plan either. He would return to Italy. He would be an ocean and a continent away. However, his eyes told me otherwise. They told me his plans were about to change. They told me he imagined us together, very close together, close enough to touch.

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I Hid Under the Bathroom Sink

May the victims rest in peace, may the survivors live inrainbow roses b brilliance

Dear Friends,

Some thoughts on the Pulse shooting.

The biggest message in Florida today is love and support for the families and friends of the victims at PULSE and the LGBT community.

Today I heard a victim report on his experience. “I hid under the bathroom sink.” It wasn’t the best protection, but the best he could do, he said. He is still in the hospital dealing with his physical and mental issues. His name is Angel. His mother went to  Orlando from Philadelphia. She is torn between him and her family in Philly. She said she will leave her heart “here.” I  wonder where his heart will lead him. Will the trauma lead him to become afraid to live his true self in public? As a straight female, I cannot imagine

What I take away from the news reports is the love is love without reference to gender preference. Regardless of sexual orientation, it appears the Orlando community along with the LGBT community is immersed in loving the victims and the survivors.

I do not write. but do read LGBT novels. The LGBT authors, the ones that I have read, depict love between same sex partners. Love that is romantic, deep and lasting. That love includes permanent heartfelt relationships with strong ties  in which the authors write the other side of the story that is prejudice and hate. Although the stories that I read are fiction, I believe they represent a true picture.

Let us not forget the shooter displayed a pattern of bizarre behavior since childhood. He was suspended from high school for 48 days. Did mental health workers reach out? Was he offered help and refused? Did not his parents wonder? Maybe there was no way he could be helped. So here comes the questions about the need in the United States for legal intervention.

Visit my website for a list of LGBT authors.

Sarina Rose



The Relentless Brit


sarinarostek-72dpi-1500x2000(25)            In honor of Victory in Europe Day on May 5th  and Mother’s Day, THE RELENTLESS BRIT is on sale in both Kindle and Print editions. Buy it for a veteran of any war. It is a timeless story. Conflict sets the Pace and Romance rules the Day.