Every time

Every time I see this book cover I think of a nice review of the book in InD’tale magazine. The reviewer wrote that this is a beautiful romance. Actually, the characters,  Tony and Sophie are two of the most favorite I have ever created. They are real to me. Maybe I  met them in another life, but of course I cannot be sure. Tony is handsome, confident, and totally in love with Sophie. Sophie is beautiful, confident and not convinced she is in love with Tony.  Will she ever marry him? Will he wait for her? Can he wait or will women in Rome too much for him to resist?

If you love to read romances, this may become your favorite.

To find it on Amazon click here: http://amzn.to/1JhO7PG

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What more can I say about this book to get you to read it? Oh, I know. I loved writing it. It remindes me of a more naive lifetime when I thought life was simple. Fall in love, marry, have children and live happily ever after in Italy.

Tony and Sophie are adorable, enticing, romantic, loving, sexy, and sometimes confused. Will all that plus living on two continents and an ocean apart save or dissolve their relationship.

Tony has friends in Italy, guys and girls. Marie, Concetta, Gianni and Nicco can be devastating  distractions from Sophie.

Sophie has friends at  Cornell Veterinary school. Sanja, Kate, Mary, Eric can take her from her love for Tony.

Will jealousy tear them apart?

Find out and read THE RELENTLESS ITALIAN. Selling at http://amzn.to/1JhO7PG

Sarina Rose